Game entry for gamedev.js 2021

Reach the white goal to complete a level

  • Move with arrow keys or "awsd"
    • If nothing happens, try reloading the page
  • Press "Space" or click on the crystal to mirror objects
  • Click 'r' to retry level
  • Click 'm' to open level selector


It's possible to login into the NEAR blockchain to save your sore for each level.

I experienced some issues trying to login to the NEAR wallet from Please access the game from here in order to test the code that actually runs on the blockchain. You also have to click the "login to NEAR wallet" button 

Web monetization

Web monetization is supported, but there is no in-game benefits. The game displays the total amount of currency  the  player is supporting the creator with during the game session.


This game entry was made mostly for motivation trying to learn how to program on a blockchain. 

I was not able to make a good effort polishing anything in this game. The background music is a soundtrack I am working on for another game, so I thought I could use it in this jam. The sound effects were made during the jam period.


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Very cool idea :)

Had some big a-ha moments.

Love the soundtrack :)